Individual Therapy

In individual therapy we meet one on one: Therapist and Client.

Regular counseling sessions are 60 minutes.

As we get to know each other in the therapy process I will begin to help you understand “you” better. I will assist you in exploring your thought processes and behaviors that have caused difficulties for you and replace them with effective, empowering ones. It can be hard and scary at times, but it can also be fun and freeing. 

These are areas of treatment that I am skilled with:

Anxiety: Taking back your life.

Depression: Resurfacing your personal power.

Aging: Learning to celebrate and embrace life at every age.

Relationship issues with family, friends or partners: Moving towards fulfillment.

Friendships: Developing and maintaining.

Financial and/or credit issues: Examining your relationship with money.

Stress management: Building balance and renewal into your life.

Career development and challenges: Identifying and working towards goals.

Parenting: Learning to be more effective, consistent and loving.

Domestic Violence and abuse: Identifying abuse and then freedom from.

My holistic approach incorporates the knowledge that every aspect of our lives (work, family, finances, relationships, etc.) has impact on our emotional health as well as our physical health. 

Being proactive will dramatically change your desired outcome. Call me today.