Couples and Relationship Counseling

“If two people who love each other let a single instant wedge itself between them, it grows – it becomes a month, a year, a century; it becomes too late.

Relationships are difficult. Any action that inhibits is not love. Love is only love when it liberates.

Couples counseling offers you and your “significant other” the chance to work on problems in your relationship. Sometimes the problems are obvious, sometimes you need help in identifying them. You may be just starting out the relationship or have spent years together. When problems surface that you are having difficulty navigating yourself, the sooner you get help the better chance of success in effectively working through them. Many couples wait until it is too late and too much damage has been done. Mole hills have become mountains; as they say.

I can help you work on areas of:

Communicating more effectively
Fighting in a constructive vs. destructive way
Financial management within the relationship
Intimacy issues
Parenting effectiveness as a couple
Navigating major decisions
Other areas of discord

Couples counseling involves and requires both individuals to participate in the process. Even though it is usually one person within the couple that initiates counseling; the most effective work is done when both are engaged in therapy.