Career Counseling

Enhancement and Development

"You are innately designed to use your personal power. When you don't, you experience helplessness, paralysis and depression - which is your clue that something is not working as it could."

Unemployed, frustrated about your current job or seeking to recreate your "employment experience"?

Goal setting and achievement:

Step One: Identify your goals, which have very likely changed from what they were several years ago. Determine the appropriateness of these goals currently and either reiterate or redesign as necessary.

Step Two: Determine the steps necessary to achieve your goals.

Step Three: Follow up and continuous assessment toward your progress, motivating yourself in the process of achievement and your forward momentum.

Preparation and review of resume, cover letter and references:

Resumes and cover letters may be the only initial means that you have to either create an opportunity for an interview or eliminate an opportunity for an interview. Proper design and presentation of your skills, strengths and abilities should be given great consideration and attention. In addition: the references that you choose to use or not use may greatly impact your success. NEVER UNDERESTIMATE THE IMPORTANCE OF A GOOD RESUME, COVER LETTER AND REFERENCES.

Step One: Create or redesign the resume to reflect the characteristics, skills and qualifications that your most desired employer is seeking.

Step Two: Create cover letters to accompany the resume that emphasize your resume, your fit for the company and position and move you to the top of the list of candidates being considered.

Step Three: Create a marketable reference list that will reflect you well.

The Action Plan:

This phase is very unique to each individual. It may vary considerably depending on your experience, industry and projected goals.

Step One: Determine the "Action" steps you must take to move forward.

Step Two: Develop a plan to implement your action steps.

Step Three: Follow up/ debriefing as steps are taken and feedback developed. Maintain your momentum.